Quote Every year I take two ‘red guides’, one in my office, one always in my backpack travelling around the world. It’s an essential tool for every journalist in the MotoGP™ Media Centre. It is easy, fast and enables instant access to any result or fact. Whenever your memory doesn’t have the answer, you can find it. 

Motociclismo (Spain)

Quote No matter how good the human memory this guide is always better. 

Eurosport (UK)

Quote It doesn't matter which language you understand. What you can find in this book is the collection of numbers, rankings, lap times, years, names, etc. And, history is always the accumulation of those simple facts. In other words, with the FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide, you have a huge and the best database of GP history in your hand. 

Sportiva (Japan)
Kyodo News Agency (Japan)
Mr. Bike (Japan)

Quote In the press room at GPs we call this book 'The Bible'. It is a wonderful creation, without which my job would be much, much harder. It's a real treasure trove! I am sure it will continue to be the most used book on my bookshelves, just as it has been for the last 20 years or so! That's how essential it is. 

Bike (UK)
Sport-Bikes (France)

Quote An incredible job. This guide has been and is for me a kind of bible that is always on my side when I have doubts about figures, facts or names. 

Solo Moto (Spain)

Quote Every journalist following the Grand Prix races keeps this guide on his table in the press room. It gives you the right answer to any question, so... if you are a race fan, you will enjoy it, because it takes you on a long trip, telling the story of the World Championship through the numbers. 

MotoSprint (Italy)

 More than 20 years ago, thanks to the late Maurice Büla, I was fortunate to discover the importance of maintaining archives. I have now rediscovered this experience with the FIM MotoGP™ Results

L'Année Grands Prix Moto (Switzerland)

 Werner's essential guide contains all the power of racing's heritage, and puts it at your fingertips. I'm frequently inspired by its contents; I'd often be lost without it.

Michael SCOTT
Australian Motorcycle News (Australia)
Cycle News (USA)
GPWeek.com (E-magazine)
Motocourse (Annual)

Feed your passion with expertise


The complete and detailed point-winning results and statistics for MotoGP™ professionals are now available to all Motorcycle Grand Prix racing aficionados.



More than
1,900 pages

Easy to use

Web price: €35.00



The FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide is a unique encyclopedia of the most prestigious motorcycle championship in the world. The 2017 edition of the FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide tells the story of 69 years of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix (MotoGP™) since its inception in 1949.


The FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide is widely regarded as “the bible” of MotoGP™ by professionals, journalists and commentators who have, for 20 years, enjoyed exclusive access to the Guide since its launch in 1987.


This essential reference on Motorcycle Grand Prix racing is being made available to all passionate fans and followers of the sport.


Its contents include detailed and complete point-winning results and statistics of all FIM Grand Prix races for the 125cc/Moto3™, 250cc/Moto2™ and 500cc/MotoGP™ categories and a summary of consolidated data for all categories, including those no longer running (50cc, 80cc, 350cc).


The FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide is designed to be simple and easy to use, and is illustrated with reproductions of watercolor paintings of FIM 125cc/Moto3™, 250cc/Moto2™ and 500cc/MotoGP™ World Champions.


The Swiss author, Werner Haefliger, has been awarded with international distinctions for his work on the FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide, among them the FIM Motorcycling Merit Diploma in 2007.


Using premium quality FSC paper, the FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide is printed and bound by Royal Jongbloed in The Netherlands, a worldwide leader in the area of light weight paper printing and binding.


The FIM MotoGP™ Results Guide is shipped by DHL, global market leader in the logistics industry, ensuring fast and efficient delivery throughout the world.


Hardback, 170x110mm, 1,968 pages, glossy cover
ISBN: 978-2-9701086-2-7



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